Room Available

Wanna Live Here?

Living in community is hard work, but we think it’s worth it.  It’s difficult to compare this living situation to other rental or condo set-ups, because here you get a lot more, and take on a lot more, than simply a room or an apartment.  Our monthly rents cover usage of both private and communal space, all utilities, and a great deal more.

Here’s some of what it means to live in this community

Access to over 5,000 square feet of shared living space in our big beautiful house & coach house

Three full kitchens and four living rooms.

Bedrooms are private space.  Most bathrooms, kitchens, attics, and living rooms are community space.

All utilities included.

Laundry included.

Backyard.  With a big pear tree.

Fresh eggs & veggies.  And pears.

 Garden boxes

Wi-Fi high speed internet included.

Cable TV, DVD player and some game systems.

Everyone is responsible for a regular chore (usually cleaning).

We are intentional about having fun together, and try to make this happen at least as often as we do business or work.

 Close to train.  We’re 0.4 miles from the California stop of the Pink Line.  30 minutes door-to-door commute to the loop.


 Pets negotiable.  Let’s talk.

 8 good home-cooked meals a week (7 dinners + Saturday Brunch).  We each take a turn to cook once a week.  We pay for our own ingredients, and we chip in monthly for staple items like milk, rice, toilet paper, etc.  We take care of our own breakfasts & lunches individually.

We meet every week, alternating between business of the community, personal check-in meetings, and fun nights.

Twice a year we have a three-day retreat where we talk about how we’re doing and spend time intentionally dreaming together.

 About 3-6 times a year we’ll do a maintenance day to take care of the property and various projects to improve it.  It sounds like work, but these days are actually a lot of fun.

We are becoming more intentional about sharing our life as a community with others, and finding new ways to invite others who don’t live here to be part of what we’re doing.  Among other things, this often means throwing awesome parties.

Some of us are owners of the cooperative, and some of us are renters.  Both possibilities are open to new members, but everyone starts by renting.