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Wanna Live Here?


Living in community is hard work, but we think it’s worth it.  It’s difficult to compare this living situation to other rental or condo set-ups, because here you get a lot more, and take on a lot more, than simply a room or an apartment.  Our monthly rents cover usage of both private and communal space, all utilities, and a great deal more.


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[heading centered=”yes” margin_bottom=”no”]Here’s some of what it means to live in this community[/heading]

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[icon type=”icon-house”][/icon] Access to over 5,000 square feet of shared living space in our big beautiful house & coach house

[icon type=”icon-home”][/icon] Three full kitchens and four living rooms.

[icon type=”icon-key”][/icon] Bedrooms are private space.  Most bathrooms, kitchens, attics, and living rooms are community space.

[icon type=”icon-meter”][/icon] All utilities included.

[icon type=”icon-droplets”][/icon] Laundry included.

[icon type=”icon-sun”][/icon] Backyard.  With a big pear tree.

[icon type=”icon-bag”][/icon] Fresh eggs & veggies.  And pears.

[icon type=”icon-earth”][/icon] Garden boxes

[icon type=”icon-connection”][/icon]Wi-Fi high speed internet included.

[icon type=”icon-tv”][/icon] Cable TV, DVD player and some game systems.

[icon type=”icon-bucket”][/icon] Everyone is responsible for a regular chore (usually cleaning).

[icon type=”icon-heart”][/icon] We are intentional about having fun together, and try to make this happen at least as often as we do business or work.


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[icon type=”icon-location”][/icon] Close to train.  We’re 0.4 miles from the California stop of the Pink Line.  30 minutes door-to-door commute to the loop.

[icon type=”icon-leaf”][/icon] Composting

[icon type=”icon-tag”][/icon] Pets negotiable.  Let’s talk.

[icon type=”icon-thumbs-up”][/icon] 8 good home-cooked meals a week (7 dinners + Saturday Brunch).  We each take a turn to cook once a week.  We pay for our own ingredients, and we chip in monthly for staple items like milk, rice, toilet paper, etc.  We take care of our own breakfasts & lunches individually.

[icon type=”icon-chat”][/icon] We meet every week, alternating between business of the community, personal check-in meetings, and fun nights.

[icon type=”icon-users”][/icon] Twice a year we have a three-day retreat where we talk about how we’re doing and spend time intentionally dreaming together.

[icon type=”icon-tools”][/icon] About 3-6 times a year we’ll do a maintenance day to take care of the property and various projects to improve it.  It sounds like work, but these days are actually a lot of fun.

[icon type=”icon-network”][/icon] We are becoming more intentional about sharing our life as a community with others, and finding new ways to invite others who don’t live here to be part of what we’re doing.  Among other things, this often means throwing awesome parties.

[icon type=”icon-plus”][/icon] Some of us are owners of the cooperative, and some of us are renters.  Both possibilities are open to new members, but everyone starts by renting.